Our Practice Enhancement Program is designed to maximize the efficiency and profitability of every area of your practice.

Full Service:

Program includes consulting on all aspects of the practice and includes 6 or more training seminars for the entire staff. At this level we will be considered one of the staff. We can discuss, problem-solve, and work on planning or any issues of the your choosing. This is a 6, 9, or 12-month program depending on the needs of each practice. We concentrate on training the staff, but are prepared to utilize our experience as a practice management consultant on any issues that need attention during the duration of the contract.

Optical Training:

Our licensed Optician will work with the staff on all dispensing techniques and evaluate where each staff member is in their skill level, preparing a comprehensive a report for management. Knowing how to measure, adjust, and handle a patient in the dispensary will many times determine how our patients perceive your office.

Business Planning:

With the Eye Care Industry increasingly competitive, it has become essential to plan ahead both for the practice and retirement. We will strategize with the Doctor to get the most income from the practice while building the practice to thrive in the managed care environment. By benchmarking the industry and leveraging our experience within individual practices, we can advise on the present and the future of the practice.

Profit Assurance Program:

Once the practice is thriving and profitable, this is a maintenance program that provides consistent oversight of the practice and it's profitability. It enables the Doctor not to worry about how the practice is doing, but with a monthly evaluation can be confident the practice is doing well. When there is concern, it will be addressed promptly and effectively.