Q: How does staff training benefit my practice?

By investing in your staff and improving their knowledge, the patient will receive better produt education and more choices for their eye care treatment. Better patient care translates into improved profits for the practice.

Q: How do most staff members respond to the training?

Our 15 years of experience has shown that the staff members that have been invested in thrive on their increased knowledge and have a greater self worth. They tend to gain an understanding of their value both to the care of the patient and the success of the practice. Overall it is a positive experience for every staff member.

Q: Does the program require a lot of information gathering and work for the Doctor or Administrator?

No, actually in many cases the information needed is easily available and we are able to access it with little effort. The goal is to train the practice Administrator to use the information efficiently and effectively, in some cases reducing the work involved in reporting.

Q: Is the program expensive?

The return on investment is very quick and in most offices, the training will pay for itself in the first 90 days. This is remarkable considering the changes can be long lasting and the increase in revenue routine if the program is followed.

Q: How will I know the prrgram is working?

At the beginning of each month Focal Point provides the Doctor with a detailed report for review, discussion and action planning. This report will include sales and profit, pre-program and current.